Friday, June 12, 2009

Star Trek

The Kate took me to see Star Trek tonight. Oh. My. God. Thank you for giving us J. J. Abrahms so he could make this movie. I'm serious. I thought it was that good. I remember watching the show on tv in the 70s and being totally captivated. This movie was so true to the show and yet gave it the splash and boom it needed to be completely awesome on the big screen. The actors was believable in as the characters so many of us fell in love with. Uhura and Spock were completely believable and gave Spock that touch of humanity the character needed. Leonard Nimoy was, well, I almost cried just seeing him on screen as the much beloved character. (He was always my favorite.) It worked. May this new take on the franchise live long and prosper. I think the Roddenberry's would be proud.