Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So, the madness that comes at the end of a school year finally settled down, only to be replaced by the madness that comes with house-hunting and moving. We're getting settled in nicely at the new place I think. While there are still quite a few boxes to unpack, the rooms actually look like rooms people live in as opposed to some storage facility. The girls are even planning a mega-sleepover this coming weekend, where they'll take over the living room.

There are a lot of things to love about this new house, but right now I'm just enjoying sitting on the back side porch, listening to the rain and enjoying this view:

This is off to the side of the porch, where the parking area is located. That's, I think, an old depot in the background. The Lion's Club uses it as their meeting house.


Right in front of where I'm sitting. I just relaxed and enjoyed the view. Yes, we're still in town, but from this porch it certainly doesn't look like it! What a nice change after the last 15-16 years. At the house we lived in when the girls were born, you could go into the backyard and pretend you weren't in town. We had some pretty old, tall trees and a hedge, but it was also small, damp, and mosquito laden. And you could never quite get the view of the nearby rooftops out of the way. I like this view much better. The country girl in me can breathe again.

I'll try to post more about the house soon, but now I need to try to get back to work. Writing doesn't take care of itself....