Monday, October 26, 2015

Hodge Podge

Time for some new scenery whenever I get online. How about a hodge-podge of cute photos?
My beautiful baby girl. Hard to believe she's sixteen now.

The girls at Waterford's Girls' Volleyball basket bingo this summer.
Me getting some puppy love from Sproket!
Cassie and her sweetie, Eli, at homecoming this year.
Rowan and Rosie at her final vet visit.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mental Health Monday

I just have a link to share today...but it's the Honorary Unsubscribe to a guy who seems rather important in the mental health field, especially when talking about suicide. A big thanks to all he did in his life.

(Photo lifted from Wikipedia.)

 Randy Cassingham’s Honorary Unsubscribe  - Suicidologist Norman Farberow

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rowan Goes To Prom

(Let's see if I can remember how to do's been so long.)

Yes, my eldest has headed off to prom tonight. For a date, she took her friend Bobbi along. And thanks to the mother of another friend, they all had a fun meal together, as a group, before heading off all together for the big night.

And of course, since it is a big night, there's much leading up to it. Like shopping for the dress. My mother worked her magic there somehow, talking Ro into letting her buy the dress. My sister found the perfect dress for Ro online at the Victorian Trading Company. We ordered it last Thursday. Thank you Rush Shipping. It arrived on Tuesday. The real fun? We shopped for the jewelry and hair accessories on Sunday and her Aunt Tweet took her shoe shopping Monday.

Here's the dress. It's actually a darker, brownish red. And even more beautiful in person.
So today was the day to get their hair all dolled up and, of course, it was pouring rain. So the goal of the afternoon was to protect the hairdo's. Thanks to Ro's huge umbrella, they did a pretty good job staying dry. Oh, and I had a great time talking to Bobbi's dad while waiting on the stylists to finish.
So, here are some more photos taken at the house.
Lacing Bobbi into her dress. That's Bob's torso hanging in the back. ;-)
Looking fabulous. (Cassie went with her aunt for the night, so don't worry about her being left out. They'll have a blast.)
Bobbi would NOT be serious, dang it!


And finally, here's one of most of the gang at Cody's house. They all headed off to prom together, piled into two cars, and when I last talked to Cody's mom, they were already having a blast together. This is a truly amazing group of kids. And I love ever one of them.