Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Wow! The beginning of the year was some ride. I'm trying to remember the last time I was that busy for that long and nothing comes to mind. It wasn't even adjusting to the new job - which I absolutely love - but to everything going on as soon as I got off work. Most afternoons had at least one apointment I had to rush off to, if not multiples of things going on. I was in physical therapy for my lower back (and then I hurt my knee on top of that!), Monkey Girl started therapy to strengthen her back, Drama Queen started counseling therapy, both girls started orthodontics, and then there were regular doctors appointments. I think there were a couple of weeks where I was in our doctor's office three times in one week! (Her husband was our physical therapist.) I really like the Rettos's, but was starting to feel a little like I was living there, at least part of the time. And getting lunch was always an interesting prospect.  Fortunately, we got through it. The only currently ongoing office visits are the orthodontist and DQ's therapist.

So, I've survived my first end of the school year as an employee. Yeah!  Those last two weeks are insane, what with everyone knowing that the end is in sight and itching for it to get there. Teachers have far to much to do as the end approaches. They need to finish getting papers back to the kids, fill out grade cards before the last day, prepare awards certificates ( as well as fill them in and sign them), deal with students eager for summer break, pack their classrooms, for cleaning at the very least. All of those end of the year picnics, field trips, and movie days actually are sanity savers for everyone. Trust me - about three weeks from the end, the amount of learning you can get done starts to drastically diminish, in spite of how hard the teachers may try.

This week the girls are at church camp. We had a total of FIVE kids from the Hocking Valley Parish attending Chi Rho (middle school-age) camp this week. It is so wonderfully quiet in the house - just what this frazzled mom needed right now. I'll be very happy to see them come Saturday, though. And I hope Drama Queen naps on the way home, since she and I will be going to a cookout and ghost hunt with the Mid-Ohio Valley Ghosthunters that night. *grin* We are so looking forward to it.

I also spent some time redesigning the layout of the blog this week. I hope you like it. When I find a few extra minutes, I'll redo the banner as well. I've also got a few more topic-specific posts that I want to write, including one for the Oak and Olive blog.

Till I can grab some more time,