Saturday, November 20, 2010

Writing Playlist

Thought I'd share the music I'm currently writing to. It isn't stuff I'd normally listen to, to be honest. I tihnk I may need to burn a cd of it for the car, though, because I'm really enjoying it.

If novels had soundtracks, the one for mine this time around would be "Into the Night", by Santana, featuring Chad Kroeger. That, however, isn't necessarily on my writing playlist. It just sums up the story really well.

The playlist:
1. Freefall by Pitch Black
2. Shining by David Morley
3. Beautiful Things by Andain
4. The Longest Road by Morgan Page, featuring Lisse
5. Fight for You by Morgan Page
6. Agnus Dei by Morgan Page (/Apparently no video is available on You Tube for this one.)
7. Only Human by Morgan Page


Some Minor, But Important, Characters

The first couple of these are true bad guys.

Bel is basically a bully, with power. He can be very cruel and vicious, which is how got not only got to where he now is but also how he's managed to stay there for a few thousand years. He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants, as long as he doesn't step on the toes of those higher up the power food chain.

He now considers Mina to be an ungrateful, traitorous bitch for her desertion and is rather ambivalent about getting her back, not that he wouldn't welcome her back into his bed, after she was suitably humiliated and punished of course. As long as Selena is meeting his carnal needs, he's rather content. And he does keep his opinion to himself. He didn't get to where he was by being stupid.

Selena is the boss of her own coven, but she wants an alliance with Bel's coven, which she is willing to forge via his bed. She's pretty sure that Mina's return will dislodge her from there and would rather not see that happen.

She either wants to see Mina not return or, even better, return in total disgrace and humiliation. Basically, Selena is a politically grasping, vindictive, hell's fire bitch, with an agenda.

Nefriah is the angel who watches over Mina. He's extremely benevolent and has great faith in the goodness of others, even demons. He very much wants to see her succeed.

God has great faith in Nefriah and his instincts. They've very rarely been wrong throughout the millenia.

Novel Notes

No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, although it sometimes feels like it. Next year I shall treat doing NaNo and YWP as a full time job and act/prepare accordingly. Wow, it's been a busy month keeping everything straight.

Speaking of keeping everything straight, I worked out these notes two weeks ago and keep forgetting them at write-ins. So, I'm treating all of you to my little character treatments by using this blog post as a place to stash them where I can access them again at a write-in if I need to. It's been quite frustrating not having them when I want - almost as frustrating as being so behind in my word count..

Children of Lilith
Exactly what the term implies - they are the children of Lilith that she took to Hell with her when she cast her lot in with Lucifer back at the beginning of time. Definite anger issues run in the family. They are also very beautiful, even if it is usually only skin deep. While no one in Hell ever really trusts anyone else, Liliths' Children tend to form alliances with and side with one another before other types of Fallen.

They also tend to have a bit of a disdainful attitude towards humans, although some of that is out of jealousy. However, they also consider humans to be a great source of amusement. Some of their attitude towards humanity is also a bit of a front for feelings of insecurity. After all, in some small way, they are still partly human because Lilith was originally human.

Lilith has also instilled a great distrust/loathing in them of God, who they feel abandoned their mother in favor of Adam. They do not like feeling inferior to others, although that's a bit unavoidable in Hell.

Finally, Children of Lilith aren't technically "Fallen" since Hell has been their only home. They have no real idea of what Heaven is like other than what the truly fallen have told them. They tend to serve as Temptors in the physical realm - lust, glutton, etc...

Wilhemina "Mina" Stanilos (main female character)
 Mina is a Child of Lilith who decided to become redeemed about 9 months ago. She's still not fully trusted by many in the Angelic Host.

She was one of the best Temptors in Lust that Hell possessed.

Her former lover, Bel, is a sort of "boss" over a group of demons (coven). He specializes in tempting others with promises of power. Mina was with him as a means of protection, since none of the others would mess with her as much if she was with him.

Mina is curious for a demon and has never completely bought all of the hype about the freedom they're given in Hell. It took a long time but she eventually became dissatisfied enough to seek out something else.

Her mentor and primary contatct in the Angelic Host is Nefriah, who has great faith in her desire to be/do good.

Mina has dark, thick black hair, green eyes, and full red lips. Her complexion is pale and creamy. She's slender, but not skinny, and full of curves. She stands at about 5'4".

Devin "Newcombe" (main male character)
Devin is also a Child of Lilith who can exude the charm and sophistication of a James Bond if necessary. (Actually, he could probably make Bond look like a rank amateur if he really wanted to.) He is also part of Bel's coven.

Devin has been attracted to Mina for a long time, but could never act on it because of Bel. He's finding himself torn between successfully getting Mina back for Hell and dragging things out as long as possible. Also, he's having issues with how happy Mina seems to be and is a little torn by his need to destroy that. He also figures, correctly, that she'll never forgive him for it.

Devin has dark brown hair just long enough for some curls to form. His eyes are a greenish/gold and he's got a strong, wirey build, even though he's not necessarily a "big" guy. He stands about 5'9". Oh, and he's also a Lust Tempter and quite good at what he does.

Monday, November 1, 2010

National Novel Writing Month 2010

Yep, it's that time again. November is upon us, which means a bunch of crazy folks are trying (and succeeding!) at writing novels. And once again, I'll be among them. I absolutely love November and National Novel Writing Month.

It's only 9am and already one writer has been talked down from the edge and there are two writing events in the next two days - three if you count my lunch time write-ins over at the elementary school with the Writer's Club kids. Of course, I still haven't written word one on my own novel yet. Maybe I should go get to work on that.....

Happy November, ya'll.