Saturday, February 21, 2009


Jenny Harris posted this hilarious meme on her blog, Allsorts. Simply type "Unfortunately, [your name]" into Google search and then stand back to enjoy the results. Remember to include the quote marks around your search, or you'll be all over the place.

Unfortunately, Melinda escaped just as Security arrived.

But unfortunately, Melinda must also contend with a very serious matter: her actress mother has developed a very serious drinking problem.

Unfortunately, Melinda writes, "the most appreciative audience to these bathroom heroics turned out to be the Repair Man himself."

Unfortunately, Melinda had said nothing about her nervousness and fears about handling such a large group.

Unfortunately, Melinda being there just motivated Pete to ride all the harder and he beat us even worse than he probably would have without her pushing him.

Unfortunately, Melinda the professional, the ballerina, the Tony-nominated choreographer loses her balance and falls on top of the accordion player.

Unfortunately, Melinda expects that her admittedly fabulous body and gorgeous looks and wonderful costume changes are going to do the job for her.

Unfortunately, Melinda's blood work revealed she was in kidney failure and there was nothing we could do for her except to humanely ease her suffering.

Unfortunately, Melinda went through with her plans but was unsuccessful, and she is serving life in prison for murder.

Unfortunately, Melinda and I are separated geographically by half a continent, and it can definitely feel lonely at times living so immersed in all things "Brokeback", while those around you are tending to other things, blithely unaware that the most important film ever made is waiting, just patiently waiting, to be seen and appreciated by them.

Unfortunately, Melinda was hanged during the trials but because of the generosity of those who took care of her daughter after her death, her line was able to continue and eventually develop into the strongest good magic ever.

I think my favorite is "Unfortunately, Melinda escaped just as Security arrived." It's so danged open-ended. Oh, and the Melinda with kidney failure was an absolutely beautiful cat. That was kinda sad.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Even with sick kids, I managed to finish up the land-in-your-lap, last minute article for Llewellyn's 2010 Herbal Almanac. It's on crafting with pine cones and was an absolute joy to write. I got a great chemistry review/lesson while working on the colored flames section of the piece. And yes, the girls are feeling better, even though the youngest has been home still most of the week. You know the school's been hit hard when the principal tells you to keep her home if she looks sick.

Right now, I'm feeling a bit burnt out on writing, so I'm going to spend the rest of this week and the weekend doing other creative things and try to recharge my batteries. I've reached the conclusion that I'm not going to finish Idol Pursuits this month. Hopefully I can hit it fresh and full of energy in a week or so and get everything finished up.

In the meantime, please enjoy the card up above. It was most of my Valentine's day gift for Mr. Incredible. That's my first ever lino print, based on a pendant he gave me at Christmas. I'm trying to get a good photo of the pendant, as well as the gorgeous chain he made to go with it, but so far there's just a nasty reflection off the copper. Anyway, it made a great subject for the print. And gave me a very happy husband. (I also messed with his computer, changing his wallpaper to one of the girls taken during the ice storm and then adding a custom playlist to his media player.)

I really love that guy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Medievally-Inspired Stamps

One last craft post, for the time being. Whiff of Joy is releasing a set of medieval-inspired stamps, which they are previewing all this week. Check it out. I'm drooling over the first two to be shown as a teaser, especially the jester. I can think of all kinds of wonderful cards to make for Mr. Incredible using this stamp. Isn't he cute?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yep, it's almost that time of year designed for lovers and excitable children, as well as making the greeting card, chocolate, and floral businesses very happy. And no, I'm not being cynical, as I happen to have a lover as well as excitable children. (I also happen to have friends who are single and I know how some of them HATE Valentine's day.)

For the past couple of weeks, I've been finding wonderful printable Valentine's online. It would be mean not to share, some of these are so cute. And if you like to make your own, check out the Valentine's countdown over at Ten Two Studios. Lovely vintage-y graphics for you to download and make all kinds of pretties with.

(Inside a Black Apple) has some very sweet looking little cuties on her Valentine's, complete with a sentiment in French.

Bunny Cakes has not one, or even two, but three different Valentine's card downloads - zebras, conversation hearts, and love is all you need.

Living Locurto's cards feature darling owls and perfect for giving to someone who's just a friend.

Cottage Industrialist has some really cute cowpoke themed cards on her site.

Tricia-Rennea Art
has cards with a bonus - they've got a slot to cut so you can tuck in a lollipop! And the puppy is adorable There are also some folded heart note cards as well.

Secret Agent Josephine has some really cute, kid-themed animal cards to print and give.

Zakka Life also has some cute Valentine's, depicting a snail where you create the shell by slipping a sucker. Kinda cute.

Finally, Skip To My Lou has quite a list of groanable, pun-worthy sentiments perfect for making your own cute cards. Check it out.

Whatever side of the heart your on, I hope you have a great Saturday!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Note to Self

Next time I'm taking a few notes for a writing project, remember to use my writing journal. I'm less likely to lose it than the note pad I did use this time, saving myself an hour of searching around for it!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, I've done up character sketches of Lilly Sinclair, who is the main character and narrator of my book, as well as Blake Cressley, the evil bad guy. Jake, our hero, will show up here eventually. He's going to prove a little trickier, as he's got a much longer history than Lilly. When he does show up on the blog, it'll probably be in bits and pieces. Don't want to give away any of the fun of discovery you'll have in the book.

I've also added "Lilly's Reading List" to the sidebar. It'll grow as I reacquaint myself with these short stories, although I've honestly not read all of Dracula or Frankenstein. I'll need to fix that when I have time.

And now I at least need to try to tackle the last of the editing. The goal is to finish the book this month. Some of us local NANO alumns have decided to use February to either finish up projects or kick-start new ones. I'm looking forward to the challenge, as well of the joy of finding out what happens in the book between where I'm not at and the ending.

Enjoy. And tomorrow, or Friday, I'll try to post a crafty project or something, just to change things up a bit.

Character Sketch: Lillian Elinor Sinclair "Lilly"

Our heroine.

- Lilly's on the petite side at 5'4".
- She's slender with a curvy frame.
- She has an oval face, reddish brown hair, and hazel eyes. Lilly is definitely pretty.

Lilly Sinclair is a fairly confident young woman. She is the youngest of 3, having both an older sister, Catherine, and a brother, Matthew. Her sister is married, with 2 kids of her own, and works as a nurse in Columbus, OH. Matt is in the Air Force and is currently stationed in Texas. Her parents have permanently retired to Florida.

Lilly received a BA in English from Muskingum College. She is currently studying for her master's degree in gothic literature from Wright State University in Fairborn, OH. She's almost finished, with only the completion of her thesis, and it's defense, to go.

Lilly began working for Isaac Shapiro at his bookstore when was 17 and has been working there ever since. Isaac looked on Lilly as a granddaughter or favored niece, to the point of leaving her most of his estate upon his death. For her part, Lilly dearly loved Isaac. She hasn't really nearly begun to really get over his violent death.

Isaac is also the one who talked Lilly into returning to college for her master's degree. She took a year off after the beloved grandmother's death, but is otherwise doing well.

Lilly was living with her grandmother after moving home from Muskingum. Her parents were alredy in Florida by that point. Her grandmother left her the house upon her death. Lilly's taken exceptional care of it since then, considering it one of her haven's from the rest of the world.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow and Ice

I've been wanting to learn how to use photos in my blogs posts, because, well, let's face it - blogs with pics are more fun to read. The snow and ice this past week - the big winter storm that hit this area - made for some lovely photography.

This is our front yard, just to the right of the front door. You can't really see the street here, but trust me, it's completely white. We were at a level 3 snow emergency that day (Wednesday) and both The Kate and Mr. Incredible were home from work for the day.

This is the apple tree in our backyard...or rather, it was the apple tree in our backyard. Two or three hours after this was taken, the tree tumbled forward from the base of the trunk. The girls later used it for a cool, icy tree house. And those white blurry things in the photo? Those are the size of the snowflakes. Yeah, they really were that big.

I took this one just yesterday, late in the afternoon. Sunlight on ice-encrusted tree limbs is one of my favorite images.

And of course, I'm saying this from the warmth and security of my dining room. We were very lucky during this storm as we didn't loose power, like so many others in our area. A few hours without cable or internet was a very small price to pay.

I'm just praying there's school tomorrow, and really, there should be. After a week off, the girls need to get back into their routine and go learn something...

Robin Williams and Politics

Need I say more? I do. Well, he's performing in Great Britian and the Prince and Duchess are there. Oh, and he pretty much gives it to at least the last three presidents. And it's really, really funny, because it's Robin Williams.