Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Off to Camp

I’m at PHYO Christian Youth Fellowship Conference this week, where I’m teaching a daily class called the Will of God AND leading a workshop on spiritual journaling. CYF Conference is essentially the teen camp for youth in the Disciples of Christ denomination. So far it’s been a great week and I have every reason o believe that it will continue to be so. I mean, that’s pretty much how it’s been the past two years. (Last year was horrifically hot.)

So, what exactly does a CYF counselor take to camp for a week? You should have seen my van after we packed for my drive up. As you can see, there’s quite a bit on my list and not everything is actually written down – if you can believe it.  Fortunately I didn’t have any kids with me on the ride up and I’ll only have one on the way home. The kids totally need to make sure they put a good dent in all those snacks I brought so I can back stuff in those spaces on the way home. ;-)

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