Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O, Tannenbaum!

I'm sitting at the dining room table, typing away on Mathilda, with the beautiful light of our Christmas tree keeping me company. It's better than writing by candlelight. Idol Pursuits may just get finished by the 25th after all.

The tree up also means that I finally feel like I celebrated a birthday this past weekend. You see, the tree goes up on the weekend closest to my birthday, which is the 7th. We were supposed to be at a family reunion about 2 hours away that day, but Mother Nature stepped in with some icky roads.

Why didn't we put the tree up on Sunday, then? Well, because of The Kate's puppy, Jake. He's adorable. He's also all boy and a little linebacker. So, the tree is going in the dining room this year, not the living room. To do this, we had to clean the back of the dining room up and move a table into the fairly furniture-empty living room. (Long story, going partly back to the lice invasion.) And then the carpet had to be steamed clean - thanks to the puppy.

We did all of that on Sunday. Tuesday, Mr. Incredible and the girls put the tree up and tonight lights and garland went on. Tomorrow we'll bury it under ornaments.

And tonight? I get to sit here, feeling another wonderful year older, and contemplate my writing, by tree light. It's a wee bit o' bliss, let me tell ya.

(Oh, and for those nosy folks out there, I am now the answer in terms of age. So grab your trusty towel and hang on for the ride. ;)

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