Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Fugue State

Well, finishing the book by the end of February and having Revision One doen by today hasn't happened. In fact, I haven't really written much since my craft article for Llewellyn. (Which, by the way, was a lot of fun!) But then Monkey Girl was home for two weeks with the flu, then Dad died and there went another week of my life where I just couldn't focus to write. We just finished up a week-long spring break, during which the girls and I went to Grandma's for sever days - and I dealt with more Dad stuff. After a month and a half, Memory Lane has become a well-worn trail. And I find myself in a bit of an overall funk lately. Even worse than I usually get as the seasons shift from Winter to allergy Spring.

However, it's not as though I haven't had other creative moments, though there haven't been many. I've done some card swaps the last couple of months, thanks to one of my email lists. (I'll post the scans for the February swaps soon. I might even share the lentil stew recipe from the recipe card swap.)

On the Dad's Stuff front, his trailer is done except for getting the last bits out. Decisions have been mande about everything, which I think was the harder, more time consuming part. That's also where all those trips down Memory Lane happen. My sis and I got through it pretty well, without many tears or arguments between us. She's still trying to figure out why I'm so darned excited over getting Dad's military stuff. It's not like he was on active duty longer than it took for him to train and then he did the minimum time in the Reserves. This was back in the late 60s. I don't know, I just get excited over that stuff. And it was obviously important to Dad or he wouldn't have kept it his entire life.

It's interesting to see what folks find so important in their lives.

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