Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Fortune Beans

This was inspired by the egg tree at my grandma's. A couple of my cousins' kids put some plastic eggs on her azalea bush in the front yard. I love how bright and shiny the cheap-o plastic eggs look in all the drear of early spring. I was worried, though, that the eggs might just walk off, given our location on one of the major roads through where we live, which also goes right past the district's high school. Hrmm, what to do? Well, I thought, if they walk, there should be something in them. Thus were born Fortune Beans. I went with the plastic jelly beans because I didn't need to poke holes in the top for the string. Inside each colorful bean is a nifty little fortune cookie fortune, found with an online search.

As for them walking off....Well, except for the wind knocking one down, all of them are still on the bush out front. Making me smile every time I look.

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turvid said...

Thank you for commenting in my blog. I think I'll continue to blog in my bad English (mainly). :)