Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where I Write

A recent NaNoWriMo newsletter asked us to share pics of our writing areas with other NaNos. Alas, I can find the blog, where there are some interesting pics, but can't figure out how to share my own. And I must have deleted the newsletter, like the dimwit I can be on occassion. So, here for all of you to see, is my desk. Please keep in mind that since I write on a laptop, the dining room table is also a frequent destination for work.

You can also see the beginnings of my small desktop toy collection. There are at least three turtles on my desk! And then there are the Littlest Pet Shop toys. That stack of notebooks, folders, and loose papers in the background on the left? Those are all writing related tidbits I kept unearthing as I was sorting through BOXES of files and such this summer. I’ll sort through them soon and see what kind of treasure might be waiting for me to finish up. The big, golden globe is one of those glitter filled bouncy balls that I sometimes play with when thinking something over.

Finally, against the wall is a big corkboard where I can pin important notes and bits of inspiration. Right now the center has images relating to the novel I started last year. To the left of my desk (not in the picture) is a two-drawer filing cabinet with yet another box to sort through sitting on top of it. I may move that out to the dining room to hold the printer. I’ll then have room near my desk for a small book shelf.

That’s it: my little haven. I just need a small desk fan and it will be complete. Hope you enjoyed the tour. If you have any questions, just ask ‘em in a comment.

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