Friday, August 13, 2010

New Blogs!!!

What has the Elven Thief been up to lately, since she hasn't been writing on her blog? She must surely have been busy, right? Right?

Well....I"ve slept. ALOT. Blame it on the heat and the incredibly horrific allergies this year. Pretty much everyone in the county has suffered, it's been that bad.

However, I HAVE been doing some writing. There's an article on both Clash of the Titans movies comparing them to the classical mythology. I've also started TWO new blogs, which is something I've been contemplating for awhile now. The first, Oak and Olive, is to help me get down what it is I believe from a spiritual perspective. Should be fun and will definitly be interesting.

The second one, Bridgette's Scrapbook, is to share items from our Adventure! Tales from the Aeon Society game, which a dear friend GMs when he's home. I've been drawn to writing snippets of fiction and such for it ever since we started, several years ago. The setting has a bit of a horror base to it, as well as elements of Vampire, Changeling, Werewolf, and now Promethian, plus whatever else we dream up. It's been great fun.

Well, that's it for now. I need to try to get some more work done on the article. I hope you enjoy the new blogs.

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