Friday, August 20, 2010


I had really hoped to get into the habit of posting at least weekly on my blogs, has other ideas. My head is about to explode from all of the videos and course intros I've been watching and reading for Drama Queen's beginning year at OHVA. The checklist is almost done, thank goodness, and she's getting started on her assessments adn trying out a few lessons here and there. Monkey Girl is almost ready to start back on Tuesday - hair cut and a new dress to wear to school. Supplies have been purchased and will soon be packed.

However, when that's all over, I get to finish up my article on Perseus and the Clash of the Titans movies. I'm really enjoying working on it and hope those of you who buy next year's Magical Almanac enjoy reading it as well.

So, probably no new blog updates until early September, unless I just need that particular mental break.

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