Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some Minor, But Important, Characters

The first couple of these are true bad guys.

Bel is basically a bully, with power. He can be very cruel and vicious, which is how got not only got to where he now is but also how he's managed to stay there for a few thousand years. He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants, as long as he doesn't step on the toes of those higher up the power food chain.

He now considers Mina to be an ungrateful, traitorous bitch for her desertion and is rather ambivalent about getting her back, not that he wouldn't welcome her back into his bed, after she was suitably humiliated and punished of course. As long as Selena is meeting his carnal needs, he's rather content. And he does keep his opinion to himself. He didn't get to where he was by being stupid.

Selena is the boss of her own coven, but she wants an alliance with Bel's coven, which she is willing to forge via his bed. She's pretty sure that Mina's return will dislodge her from there and would rather not see that happen.

She either wants to see Mina not return or, even better, return in total disgrace and humiliation. Basically, Selena is a politically grasping, vindictive, hell's fire bitch, with an agenda.

Nefriah is the angel who watches over Mina. He's extremely benevolent and has great faith in the goodness of others, even demons. He very much wants to see her succeed.

God has great faith in Nefriah and his instincts. They've very rarely been wrong throughout the millenia.

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