Saturday, November 20, 2010

Writing Playlist

Thought I'd share the music I'm currently writing to. It isn't stuff I'd normally listen to, to be honest. I tihnk I may need to burn a cd of it for the car, though, because I'm really enjoying it.

If novels had soundtracks, the one for mine this time around would be "Into the Night", by Santana, featuring Chad Kroeger. That, however, isn't necessarily on my writing playlist. It just sums up the story really well.

The playlist:
1. Freefall by Pitch Black
2. Shining by David Morley
3. Beautiful Things by Andain
4. The Longest Road by Morgan Page, featuring Lisse
5. Fight for You by Morgan Page
6. Agnus Dei by Morgan Page (/Apparently no video is available on You Tube for this one.)
7. Only Human by Morgan Page


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