Monday, March 21, 2011


Well, we made it safe and sound to Gettysburg and are settled into our motel room. (Kate, please give the pups some extra love, and a couple of treats, while we're gone?)Monkey Girl has already put a nice dent in her souviner fundage, but she's the proud new owner of a really cool-looking chest.We're heading back to the Gettysburg Diorama tomorrow to take in their battlefield diorama show. It should be fun and I will take plenty of pics. Not sure what else we'll get into, but we also have reservations for a ghost hunt with Gettysburg Paranormal Association tomorrow evening that should be a blast.

The girls are excited to be here. I'm excited to be here. I think even Mr.I is enjoying it. Tomorrow I'm going to also start order to prep for the next Josie novel. I'm hoping to make it my NaNo novel come this November, which will give me time to plot out the story and absorb enough info about historic Gettysburg to write about it naturally - I hope. I'll also, hopefully, get the original novel, Glimmer of Sight through the final edit and have embarked on the learning adventure known as finding an agent. I also want to go back and revist this past year's NaNo novel and see how much of it I can salvage.

So, have a great week folks. I'll try to keep posting, although the wireless at our motel doesn't seem all that great. :/ Oh, and there will be pictures.

Now, just how much am I going to torture poor Josie with psychic visions...?

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