Monday, October 3, 2011

Flash Fiction - Ripples

The truth is that I really wanted to do a post this weekend, but it's been crazy around here with an influx of fresh veggies. (Post, with pics, coming soon!) And since it's now after 12:30 and I need to be awake and at work in the morning, I'm posting this really, super short piece of fiction inspired by a contest that I want to say was being held by maybe GQ magazine? Anyway, the challenge was to write a short story in exactly 78 words. Here's my super short flash fiction piece, coming in at 79 words with the title...


Randolph heard a thud before realizing he’d been struck. Lying there, he felt the last of his life draining away until the last drop was gone.

The speeding car never stopped. Never paused. The woman driving was too last in her own pain over a lover now gone.

Her little care plunged into the turn far too fast. It slid from the road, careened down the steep embankment, and smashed against a tree before stopping. She died smiling.

(The above image was lifted from National Geographic's Photo Of The Day site. Click the image to follow it home. :-) )

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