Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winter Book Club

One of the wonderful things about the internet is all the people you get to meet. And while I know there are some out there who live out a fantasy life online, most of us are just what we seem to be. Thanks to my girls' love of Animal Ark books and a lovely little site called BookMooch, I met a wonderful young woman who later invited me to join her summer online book club. Keep in mind that I'm the oldest on the list. Many of the others are in their teens or early twenties.

After thinking it over for a little bit, I thought why not? I've never read chick lit, which is what the first round of books included. I never really thought of myself as a 'chick lit' kinda girl, but ya know what? I enjoyed myself, got to see what sorts of things were important to females a good bit younger than me, and tried some a new genre of literature.

So, Bookworm's Corner is getting ready to start up for winter. Come join us! It's always much more fun to discuss books when there's more than 3 people involved.

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