Friday, October 31, 2008

Countdown Starts

Okay, there's a little over 3 hours until NaNo officially starts in my time zone. Folks are already scribbling away on the other side of the globe. (Funny, we were discussing getting rid of some VERY outdated globes at the library today...) Will I still be awake at midnight? Probably. Will I still be coherent enough to write? I'm not sure. I still have a bit of cleaning and prep work to do for Ro's birthday party tomorrow.

Yeah, my eldest was officially a tween as of 12:51 this afternoon. My mother and Mr. Incredible's parents will be here. AND Jake, The Kate's puppy is still enjoying going on the carpet in the dining room. I got that steam cleaned last night, though. And with the nice weather we've had the last few days, we should be able to do most of the party outside. Yeah!

Okay, time for more pizza!

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