Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 A-Z Reading Challenge Reading List

Booklist Update

Whee! I'm not past the halfway point of Android at Arms. Yes, it's very much dated in some ways, but it's still proving a good read. I was starting to worry that my vocabulary was starting to suffer, but not after this. I love her use of language and of unusual words. And even though I'm reading the book for the enjoyment of it, there's also much to learn from how she plots the book out and the way she handles chapters and stop points. This could be a very educational endeaver for me as well as just plain fun.

Also, if you look in the right-hand sidebar, you'll notice that I've finished out my reading list. Yes, they're all Norton's work. For a moment I was afraid "L" and "U" might be my undoing, but I managed to find titles in the bibliography. The book titles with asterisks next to them are ones I'll need to track down through OhioLink or AbeBooks, but there are only FOUR of those. The fifth title, Ralestone Luck, is available online through Project Gutenberg, complete with the original illustrations. All of the rest of the titles are off of our bookshelves. That seemed pretty impressive.

Okay, off to either read or make some chain maille. And yes, I will try to get a post up this weekend about my new obsession, maybe even complete with pics. :-)


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