Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: What are you reading?

It's Teaser Tuesday again already! Get the details on how to play along here, at MizB's Should Be Reading blog.

From Three Days to Dead, by Kelly Meding, which I just finished reading:

"This just won't do. 'Hey, Jesse,' I say loudy, "know what's uglier than a dead half-Blood?'
He grunts. "What's that?"
I look right at the spike-haired Halfie on the car hood. 'A live one.'"

And from Harvest Moon, by Mercedes Lackey, Michelle Sagara, and Cameron Haley (from Tangled Web), which I'm about to start reading:

"'By Zeus's goolies, it's about time you got here!' the young man said, indignation written in every word and gesture. "I thought you said the wench was going to come willingly! I finally had to gag and bag her! If I can't father children, Hades, it's all your fault!' Then he stopped, and stared at Persephone, 'Who,' he said slowly, 'is that?'"

Should be some fun reading!

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