Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Fun With My Software

I'm still messing around and learning what all you can do with this scrapbooking software that landed in my lap. I've been wanting to try out a card and while I'm extremely sorry for the loss of one of Monkey Girl's school friends over the weekend, it did give me an idea for making a card. I hate, hate, hate picking out sympathy cards. They're usually over religious, sentimental, or vague....or worse - all of three. So, I started playing around and created the following card. It's blank inside so I can write my own sentiment or maybe even a bit of poetry. I'm not sure this is one I'll print and use, but it's a start on what I can do to make cards I like. :-) And that makes me pleased. Oh, and it was very easy to make.

As an update to my last project - the Fearless Leader layout - she got a kick out of it. I wound up printing it a color printer and taping it to her door. It's now on the bulletin board in her office - goofy fake mugshot and all. Ah yes. I love my job. I mean, honestly how many are lucky enough to have bosses they poke some good humored fun at?

It's been crazy over at school this week as I've been filling in and covering for some folks for whatever reason. I've enjoyed it, but it'll also be nice to be on my actual regular schedule starting next week. It'll also be a little odd...

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