Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Pics

I recently had some very dear friends take the offical plunge into married life and I couldn't be happier for them. If the crowd at their wedding and reception were any indication, there isn't anyone who knows them who couldn't be happier at their marriage. :-) It was so much fun helping them celebrate and enjoying how happy they obviously were. Here are a few photos, mainly so my family, who aren't on Facebook, can enjoy it as well.

The VERY happy couple. They smiled like this the entire time!
Zack and Levi. If you know anything about Zack, then you know he had to have a suit for Perry's wedding - he used to wear them to gaming nights because they were comfortable. So, we had to outfit him somehow with a suit. to Goodwill. About $15 later and he's this sharp dressed young man you see in the pic.

Monkey Girl and Drama Queen, looking frightenly grown up.

Christian, Zack, The Kate, Levi, and Graham
He looked amazing in the purple shirt and tie!
Levi gettin' his groove on. I think that's Perry on the far right.

Don't ya just love that "Oops! I've been caught!" look on Zack's face?
I absolutely LOVE this pic of good friends Paul and Vicki. I'd forgotten how much Paul liked to dance. (Mr. Incredible even danced with me a couple of times as well. :-)
Christian, Graham, Perry, Miriam, Levi, and Zack. Sometime tells me that Miriam just gained a bunch of new brothers. :-) Best of luck you two!

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