Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Character Sketch: Blake Cressley, the Bad Guy

Blake Cressley - the bad guy

- just under 6" tall
- short cut, medium brown hair shot through in places w/ grey
- cold blue eyes
- medium build - He's solid, neither slender or heavy-set

Blake is always well-groomed - expensive hair cuts; tailor-made suits; simple, yet expensive gold jewelry

Cressley carries himself with a definite air of confidence and self-assurance. He is a successful businessman in the Dayton area. He is also a major player on the criminal scene. Blake Cressley is not a man lightly crossed, because doing so usually ends with a fatality.

When he wants something done, he usually puts out word to the streets. There are some who report to him, or at least to his lieutenants. The first goons Lilly encounters falls into this category. Tim and his cohort, whom Lilly has a run in with later on falls into the second category of goons who hear the word on the street and act accordingly. Their payoff is collecting the bounty/reward for the job and/or earning favor with Cressley.

When necessary, Cressley is also willing to get his own hands dirty. His vicious murder of Isaac Shapiro is proof enjoy of that.

Now he's got his sights on poor Lilly. Cressley is certain she can lead him to the Calyx Cup, an ancient artifact he believes will make him immortal. And obviously, he's willing to torture, rape, and kill to get it.

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