Sunday, January 18, 2009

Writer's Journal - Day Two

"Count Pietrovick was believed to have possessed the Idol during the reign of ________. Stories amoung the constabulary recount upon a goodly half-dozen attempts on the Count's life. In one particular account he was shot at close range by a villager wielding a crossbow. The man couldn't possibly have missed and yet there stood Pietrovick, unmarked in even the slightest...

"Pietrovick finally met teh Maker in the most gruesome fashion, having been drug to death after falling from a spooked horse. His heel had become tangled in the stirrup. Common knowledge holds that the Count was scattered over several acres...Townsfolk were decidedly superstitious about their Master...

"Upon close examination, the party discovered a small tower-like keep on the property. A thourough exploration of the structure disclosed a frightful chamber at the top given over to the sole purpose of ritualized death. Those present reached the conclusion that this was where the vile Idol fed upon the blood of innocent, virgin sacrifice. Further searching yielded the most sad finding of a small unmarked and unhallowed graveyard nearby.

" Upon taking in the account of the examining committee and the strong emotions of the villagers, the local priest refused Count Pietrovick burial in the hallowed Churchyard. He is buried on a small plot of land just outside the graveyard fence on land donated by a most devout parishoner.

"There has been no sign, as yet, of the Idol. It is as if the blood-thirsty, unholy relic had disappeared into thin air..."

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