Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday Update

Well, entry number two has been made in my writer's journal. And let me tell you, writing on a Saturday when the girls are having a sleepover is, ummm, a challenge. I had to wait until they all finally disappeared upstairs to wear themselves out and fall asleep before I could sit down to scribble in my book. Then Kate came down briefly for a chat. This entry was written in fits and starts, so it's a wonder there's any cohesion to it at all!

Speaking of my latest entry, it's a bit of history on the horrible, evil idol that's at the center of my book. This stuff isn't in the book, but it was a fun exercise in fleshing out a character - to use the term quite loosely - and putting some background to it all. There will probably be more bits like this in the coming days.

Okay, this body needs sleep....and to hopefully get up for church tomorrow.

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