Saturday, January 17, 2009

Writer's Journal - The Beginning

Its been suggested that writers keep a journal - something they write in on a daily basis. A writer's journal is a place to jot down ideas, snippets of conversation, character sketches, and other writing related what-not. You Can Do It! suggests writing in the journal daily for a month. We'll see how this goes. I get lots of ideas for writing topics. Its the writing on something different daily that will be the challenge.

To hopefully make me more accountable, I'm going to post each day's entry on my blog. I don't post there enough as it is and perhaps someone will find some value in this writer's mental workings. I intend to post as-is, with not revisions and hopefully little censoring of my words.

So what is my writing goal for, say, the next 3 months? I don't want to project too far into the future because I've learned how malleable it is.

So, by the end of 3 months I want to have Idol Pursuits in submissable form and be working on the gemstones book. That should be doable, provided I don't find too many more sections needing de-cheesed.

Right now I'm sitting in the laundromat waiting for Ro's bedding to finish washing. Its incredibly quiet in here, except for the switch-swish of someone walking and the sound of my machine running. While I'm grateful for my own washing machine and dryer at home, there's something comforting about a quiet laundromat. There's the regular sounds rythmns of the washing machines and dryers. The smell of laundry soap and fabric softner that reminds me of childhood. Its like being wrapped in a Downy-soft blanket still warm from the dryer. I only have 10 more minutes to go and then I can pile my spun-out damp laundry into the clothes basket and cart it home to the dryer. And hopefully, come Monday, our own washer will be working properly again. (Its been so cold the last couple of days that something had frozen up on it. It fills with water and then finishes out the cycle without anything happening - other than the porch filling with smoke.)

There is a young woman, probably a student, who seems quite impatient. She breezes in and out about every 10-15 minutes. She checks one of the dryers and then heads out, driving off somewhere.

A woman a bit older than me, tired looking with more grey than not in her hair, just came in w/ 2 baskets of wet laundry. It seems like she's had a long day and is tired. (She just yawned.) the attendant and her are having a discussion of which dryers are best. "Well someone told me 16 was good," she comments as she feeds it quarters.

Okay, times up. Gotta go so these can get dry by bedtime!


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