Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow and Ice

I've been wanting to learn how to use photos in my blogs posts, because, well, let's face it - blogs with pics are more fun to read. The snow and ice this past week - the big winter storm that hit this area - made for some lovely photography.

This is our front yard, just to the right of the front door. You can't really see the street here, but trust me, it's completely white. We were at a level 3 snow emergency that day (Wednesday) and both The Kate and Mr. Incredible were home from work for the day.

This is the apple tree in our backyard...or rather, it was the apple tree in our backyard. Two or three hours after this was taken, the tree tumbled forward from the base of the trunk. The girls later used it for a cool, icy tree house. And those white blurry things in the photo? Those are the size of the snowflakes. Yeah, they really were that big.

I took this one just yesterday, late in the afternoon. Sunlight on ice-encrusted tree limbs is one of my favorite images.

And of course, I'm saying this from the warmth and security of my dining room. We were very lucky during this storm as we didn't loose power, like so many others in our area. A few hours without cable or internet was a very small price to pay.

I'm just praying there's school tomorrow, and really, there should be. After a week off, the girls need to get back into their routine and go learn something...

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