Saturday, February 21, 2009


Jenny Harris posted this hilarious meme on her blog, Allsorts. Simply type "Unfortunately, [your name]" into Google search and then stand back to enjoy the results. Remember to include the quote marks around your search, or you'll be all over the place.

Unfortunately, Melinda escaped just as Security arrived.

But unfortunately, Melinda must also contend with a very serious matter: her actress mother has developed a very serious drinking problem.

Unfortunately, Melinda writes, "the most appreciative audience to these bathroom heroics turned out to be the Repair Man himself."

Unfortunately, Melinda had said nothing about her nervousness and fears about handling such a large group.

Unfortunately, Melinda being there just motivated Pete to ride all the harder and he beat us even worse than he probably would have without her pushing him.

Unfortunately, Melinda the professional, the ballerina, the Tony-nominated choreographer loses her balance and falls on top of the accordion player.

Unfortunately, Melinda expects that her admittedly fabulous body and gorgeous looks and wonderful costume changes are going to do the job for her.

Unfortunately, Melinda's blood work revealed she was in kidney failure and there was nothing we could do for her except to humanely ease her suffering.

Unfortunately, Melinda went through with her plans but was unsuccessful, and she is serving life in prison for murder.

Unfortunately, Melinda and I are separated geographically by half a continent, and it can definitely feel lonely at times living so immersed in all things "Brokeback", while those around you are tending to other things, blithely unaware that the most important film ever made is waiting, just patiently waiting, to be seen and appreciated by them.

Unfortunately, Melinda was hanged during the trials but because of the generosity of those who took care of her daughter after her death, her line was able to continue and eventually develop into the strongest good magic ever.

I think my favorite is "Unfortunately, Melinda escaped just as Security arrived." It's so danged open-ended. Oh, and the Melinda with kidney failure was an absolutely beautiful cat. That was kinda sad.

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