Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Character Sketch: Lillian Elinor Sinclair "Lilly"

Our heroine.

- Lilly's on the petite side at 5'4".
- She's slender with a curvy frame.
- She has an oval face, reddish brown hair, and hazel eyes. Lilly is definitely pretty.

Lilly Sinclair is a fairly confident young woman. She is the youngest of 3, having both an older sister, Catherine, and a brother, Matthew. Her sister is married, with 2 kids of her own, and works as a nurse in Columbus, OH. Matt is in the Air Force and is currently stationed in Texas. Her parents have permanently retired to Florida.

Lilly received a BA in English from Muskingum College. She is currently studying for her master's degree in gothic literature from Wright State University in Fairborn, OH. She's almost finished, with only the completion of her thesis, and it's defense, to go.

Lilly began working for Isaac Shapiro at his bookstore when was 17 and has been working there ever since. Isaac looked on Lilly as a granddaughter or favored niece, to the point of leaving her most of his estate upon his death. For her part, Lilly dearly loved Isaac. She hasn't really nearly begun to really get over his violent death.

Isaac is also the one who talked Lilly into returning to college for her master's degree. She took a year off after the beloved grandmother's death, but is otherwise doing well.

Lilly was living with her grandmother after moving home from Muskingum. Her parents were alredy in Florida by that point. Her grandmother left her the house upon her death. Lilly's taken exceptional care of it since then, considering it one of her haven's from the rest of the world.

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